• How to change iPhone keyboard color

    We always like to keep our iPhone and iPad, a more handy look. So apps and tweaks give more different appearance for iOS devices. So we always like to download these types of apps. When the new iOS releases, all users are like to install it. When we are talking about new appearance, Messaging app appearance also not get excited after long time users. Same interface, same keyboard. SO what do you think, if you can get the new keyboard to your iPhone and iPad?  So, in this article guides to how to change iPhone keyboard color without jailbreak iPhone and iPad

    Use dark mode

    If you are using iOS 13, you can turn in to dark mode. Then you can get the back keyboard with inbuilt in the iOS system. You can get dark mode from the below guide.

    Setting > Display and brightness then choose the dark mode. You can revert with light mode. This is the inbuilt features to change the keyboard color of iPhone and iPad

    Install the Gboard App 

    Gboard App app is a third-party app that helps to change the color of the keyboard without jailbreaking iPhone. You can download it for free from Apple App stores to your device. After installing the app, there are many options to change the keyboard color style on iPhone and iPad.

    Personalize With Custom Color Keyboard

    Custom Color Keyboard is also another app that you can download from Apple AppStore. This app offers free themes and font to ios devices. Also, it available free and paid versions. You can change the full style of the iPhone by using this application.

    Color Keyboard 

    There is another great app called Color Keyboard. You can get themes and keyboard skins to your iPhone and iPad, it supports all latest iOS version.

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